Who We Are

Bamib Resources and Investments Company Limited (BRIC) is a pencil manufacturing company located in Lagos, Nigeria. We produce 2B pencil without eraser and HB pencil with eraser.

Our primary production focus is to:

  1. Make our products Eco-friendly because we use old newspapers as our major raw materials.

  2. Preservation of the Eco-system by not felling trees.

  3. Working in consonant with the Millennium Goal with respect to the Climate Change by ensuring environmental sustainability.

Our Uniqueness

Differentiation, Technology Driven, Customer Experience, Excellent  Design, High Quality and Customization.

Our Target Customers

  1. Primary Schools (Private and Public

  2. Secondary Schools (Private and Public)

  • Federal Government Establishments

  1. State Governments

  2. Civil Servants

  3. Private Establishments ( That will use pencil as gift or souvenirs)

  • Architectural and Engineering Firms

We are committed to delivering sustainable excellence in business performance by focusing on the following:

  • To produce specially branded pencil for schools

  • Produce and distribute via writing materials wholesalers

  • Produce as corporate gift items for companies and organizations

  • Produce and brand for Federal and State Governments acquisition for schools

  • Produce for the general public consumption

  • We shall develop business partnerships that will help us to improve our market share.

We give all our customers superlative customer service at all times and thereby generate repeat revenue. Keeping our customers happy would be our primary objective.


To be the Number One Technologically Driven Pencil Manufacturing Company in Nigeria with strong Africa presence.

Mission statement

To produce high quality pencil using the best technology and human resource in an ideal environment for our teeming customers.


T- Trust in God

R- Resilience

E- Excellence

E- Efficiency